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Account Opening

  • Getting Started

  • Account Verification

  • Security

  • Troubleshooting

Account Management

  • Account Management 

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Depositing to Komo

  • Depositing from another bank

  • Depositing from Komo


  • Security

  • Interest Earnings

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  • About Troo Flex

  • Riders

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Bills Payment

  • How to pay bills via Komo

  • What are the billers available

  • Transferring to Komo

  • Transferring to other banks

  • Help! I encountered an issue

  • Card delivery

  • Withdrawing from Komo

  • Help! I encountered an issue

  • How to apply for a loan?

  • What are the requirements?

  • How much I can borrow?


Debit Card

Fund Transfer

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