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Getting Started

Mas Kontrol Mo ang Pera Mo with Komo’s new Analytics and Personal Finance- the country’s first-ever money management tool in a digital banking service! With Analytics, you’ll get insights into your spending habits, set saving goals (and know how to reach them), and manage your budget better. Take it further with Personal Finance by setting specific saving purposes and dedicated budget items.

Better Money Management 

Savings and more in just one app! Through Komo’s Analytics, you can better take charge of your finances! View all your expenses and deposits in one go to gain insights, track your funds, and manage your budget. To access it, simply tap on “Analytics” on the dashboard to view the built-in tracker of your overall inflow and outflow of funds.

Last 12 Months - Horizontal Graph Scroll.png

Got Savings Goals? 

As your personal finance wellness buddy, we got you! With this new feature, you can set savings goals through the savings calculator and learn to build better savings habits. Once in Analytics, tap on “Savings Calculator” to set the target amount and your ideal timeframe to set your goal! 


  1. Tap on “Analytics” on your Komo dashboard

  2. Click on “Savings Calculator”

  3. Enter your savings goal (must be higher than your balance)

  4. Input the needed details

  5. Start saving!

Calculator - Expanded Result.png

Get Insights!

The Personal Finance feature allows you to set and control your Goals and Budget.


Goals let you see what you’re saving for and how much you need to reach your target in time.


To create a goal using Personal Finance, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your purpose (What are you saving for?)

  2. Customize the details. (Set a name, target amount, and deadline)

  3. Input the initial amount from your Balance.*

  4. Goal created successfully!

*Note: Amounts inputted in Goals are only set aside on the Personal Finance service and can still can still be used for your daily Komo transactions.

On the other hand, a Budget gives you insights into your expenses to help you assess what needs adjustment to hit your goals. You can put different budget lists here instead of writing them somewhere else.


To create a budget, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your purpose (What is your budget for?)

  2. Customize the details. (Name your budget and set a monthly limit.)

  3. Add existing Transactions under a Budget and mark them once completed.

  4. Budget created successfully!

Goals Dashboard - 1 Low Balance Alert.png
Budget Details - Edit Details.png
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