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Security and Governance Officer

This role is responsible for the information security governance practice for the whole Komo team.


What you will do?

  • Define and create the change management process for any configuration and security changes to our IT environments including our Cloud services

  • Define, create, evaluate and improve upon the identity access process including granting, modification and revocation of access

  • Leads in any security and governance adoption (including PCI-DSS compliance) for Komo

  • Evaluate, introduce and enforce IT security improvements and tools usage

  • Track the application flagged security flaws and vulnerabilities and enforce their quick resolution

  • Approves and sign-off for any changes to the security and governance process defined

  • Perform periodic review to makes sure that the governance process defined are followed by everyone

  • Evaluate, introduce and enforce information security asset protection and safe keeping

  • Evaluate, introduce and enforce user access matrix review for the whole Komo team

  • Coordinate, touch-based with and serve as the point-of-contact for the EastWest Bank information security governance team and support their initiative in rolling out security policies to Komo

  • Proactively, look for tools and processes that will address security loop-holes and shortcomings

  • Able to make IT security related decisions and recommendations to properly secure a technical approach

What we're looking for?


  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience related to IT security and governance 

  • Understanding of Android and iOS app and backend development 

  • Experienced in cloud native, mobile and web application related projects and understand the corresponding security check and controls that needs to be in place

  • Work experience in a bank, financial app, and/or FinTech app will be an advantage

Preferred Qualifications

  • Any relevant information security certification related to this position 

  • Implemented a Zero Trust security framework

Join the team

Send your resume to or to and make sure to use “Job Application: Security and Governance Officer" as your email subject.

Other open roles

Solutions Architect

Seniority level:

Mid to Senior

Job Functions:
• Security Policy Definition
• Security Adoption and Governance
• Periodic Security Review

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