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How Can I Hit My Financial Goals?

By John Michael Satin

Deadlines? Meetings? Things to do and people to see? Been wanting to save up for the latest gadget or dream vacation but don’t know how to start and don’t have the time to get into it?  If you’re someone with a tight schedule during the week don’t worry — you’re just like most of us. But despite everything going on, we, at Komo, can help you keep up with your finances and help you hit your own savings goals.


When is the right time to get insurance?

By Ameena Rey Franc

You see, we don't always know what's going to happen or where we're going. Whether it’s the excitement from our travels or living our day to day lives, it pays to feel “panatag” by getting insured, especially when you know that someone else’s life and financial needs depend on you. 


How to have the “money talk”
with your significant other

By Katie Scarlett

Talking about money is never going to be easy. If you’re new to this, take it slow, casual, and fun. Start with light topics such as “where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years?” and “what would your dream retirement look like?”


Budgeting Hacks

By Peso Hacks

Financial freedom starts with money management and budgeting, but how do we budget effectively? One of our readers asked us for some budgeting tips and tricks, so today I'll be sharing some of the ones I apply to my own life.


Dealing with Debt?

By Savings Pinay

Let’s face it, having debt can easily throw you off of your momentum when it comes to saving money. Whether you got the debt due to credit card misuse, or because of overspending, it is a financial crisis that must be dealt with as soon as possible.


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